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Brandy Herbert
"Ain't It Funny (How Time Slips Away)" w/ Jimmy Elledge (1962)
"I did this with Jimmy Elledge in 1962; (it got up to #22). (He had bought the song outright from Willie Nelson for $500 when Willie was scuffling and needed cash...Willie bought it back from him later...) I played the simple little guitar line. (We cut it at Sam Phillips "Sun Records" studio!... I was 17 at the time.)"
"Yes, I'm Loving You" - Johnny G & the G-Men (1963)
"That's Jessie Lopez on tenor sax) The "B"-side got some airplay too, 'Boys Don't Cry'"
"Earthy" - The Pitmen (1964)
"Firewater" - The Diminshuns (1960)
We got airplay on both sides, but "Firewater" was considered the "A"-side... (The "B"-side was "Slippery When Wet")
"The instrumental side, "Earthy", was played quite a bit in 1964, with KBOX using it as an instrumental lead-in to the news at the top of the hour. The flip-side was a re-make of the Gary U.S. Bonds song, 'New Orleans'."
"Gonna Put You Down" - The Continentals (1964)
"In 1964 "The Continentals" recorded two songs, but I can't remember if either of them got any airplay. If it did, "Gonna Put You Down" was probably the one."
"Slow Dog - Pt. 1" - The Continentals (1964)
"Poor Kid" - Lady Wilde (1965)
"I have two versions of this...One was an earlier mix without all of the "Phil Spector 'Wall of Sound'" production, and then the final mix. I'll send you the final, since that's what everybody remembers. he had a couple of other good tracks that came from that session, "Bethneal Green", "Another Year", "Big Mouth Man", "Five Will Get You Ten"... But "Poor Kid" was the "hit".."
"I Need You There" - The Chessmen (1966)
"That's Robert Patton on lead vocals & rhythm guitar; Tommy Carter, bass; Tom Carrigan, drums; me, lead guitar.
We cut it somewhere in Fort Worth, and it was interesting that night because that was the same night the Ron-Dels cut "If You Really Want Me To I'll Go", which was a HUGE hit regionally. The "Del" of the "Ron-Dels" was Delbert McClinton, so he was there that evening in the other studio, but he hadn't "made the big-time" yet."
"Comin' In (Texas Rock Festival)" - (1969)
"We cut this for the movie about the Texas Rock Festival that was made in 1969. It was supposed to be either the end-title or opening-title music; (I was never sure, because I never got to see the movie.) The producers asked for something "a LOT like the Crosby/Stills/Nash 'Woodstock'" song that was used on the Woodstock movie. I think it captures it pretty well. It even has the fast/slow/fast feel of "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes". played the lead-guitar parts, but I can't remember the rest of the folks. It was pretty much a throw-together studio-session, so it wasn't like we gigged together at all... ...was on a 1/4" reel-tape in my garage for 40 years..."
Brandy Herbert is one of the nation's finest guitarists, gracing the music of Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Sammy Davis, Jr., Patti Page, Kay Starr, David "Fathead" Newman, Chuck Berry, Bobbie Gentry and many, many others. Her contribution to music in the Dallas-Fort Worth area began early and never stopped. Now living in Colorado, Brandy has generously sent the following recordings with her own personal comments. Her skill and versatility are the essence of musicianship.

Brandy tells her own story better than anyone. For a complete biography, photo galleries, music, concert dates and more, please visit Brandy's own site :
Once again, many many thanks to Brandy Herbert for this content.