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Rambling among North Central Texas, the three branches of the Trinity River connect
thousands of square miles and millions of people. Near and along the Trinity, an entire
generation of musicians created an influential and critical genre of rock and roll. This site
will present and preserve this music, documenting the sound of Dallas-Fort Worth artists
inventing new styles and forging unique music.
This site is brought to you by Trinity River Music and the Yahoo users groups BigD60s,
musicandartsagogo, and The_Werewolves. The content is the contribution of the artists
and group members. This site is intended for historical purposes only. Any questions or
concerns regarding the content of the site should be addressed to
Bill Ham & Wes Harris with The Rocks
Trinity Park - 1968

What's New!
The Big D 60s Garage Band Recording Project!
Big D 60s is gathering recordings from Dallas-based 1960's-era bands for a
compilation CD project. All we're asking for are mp3's or wav's of
suggestions for consideration. You don't have to own the song just to have
it reviewed. We'll also stream these songs so that the fans of this music will
have a voice in the selection process. These songs will NOT be available for
download from this site, only via streaming. To submit a song or get more
details, click here.
The Jackals at The Three Thieves Club - 1967